The cost of type 2 diabetes

When we talk about the cost of something we typically think in financial terms. While the cost of type 2 diabetes is high in the financial area, it is high in a lot of other areas as well. Tonight we will briefly look at some financial costs of type 2 diabetes. In later posts, we will elaborate on some other costs.

The Financial Cost

Let’s face it, diabetes is an expensive condition to suffer from. As a type 2 diabetic who is on insulin, I can talk about this because there have been many times I have had to ration my insulin supply so that I would have enough so I could afford to get the next batch.

When I had no insurance, I was able to get my Basaglar through the manufacturer Lilly for free. That was helpful, especially since I was taking 80 units at bedtime. One of the “pens” the medicine was in would last me 3 days. A box of 5 pens would last me 15 days.

Without insurance and having to buy the Basaglar directly from a pharmacy, I looked to Good RX to see what it would cost me.

Good RX costAs you can see for one box of pens I would be paying a minimum of $250.91. I would need 2 boxes a month so I would be looking at $500 a month. That was just for the Basaglar.

Now I am on Lantus. So let’s look at Good RX for those prices.

Good RX LantusThe Lantus is more expensive and would cost me about $672 a month. UGH!

However, with my insurance, I now get two boxes of Lantus for $25 a month. With my insurance I would only get one box of Basaglar for $25 so for a month it would cost me $50.

Obviously, insurance is a life-saver. But I do have to pay about $500 a month for insurance with a deductible. I can’t help but feel like the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are working together on this!

Anyway, I also take Metformin. Let’s look at that. It is fairly inexpensive.

Good RX metformin

Three other medications that I was prescribed included: Ozempic, Trulicity, and Victoza.

Rather than run a chart like above, I will just give you the lowest prices.

  • Ozempic $836
  • Trulicity $735
  • Victoza $996

Not a pretty picture. At least the above were once-a-week shots! But the cost for a month… It can be overwhelming. I have had to completely stop taking medications when I had no insurance or any way to pay for the medications.

This isn’t a problem that is just mine. There are a lot of people out there who have had to make a choice between medication or food and shelter…

As I have said, the financial cost goes even further when you consider all the various tests that diabetics must usually endure every three months. There is the A1c, BUN, Creatinine, a basic metabolic panel. For those who hate needles, getting these blood tests are not fun.

It is something we get used to, however.

Today’s Video

In today’s video, I talk a little more about feelings and the costs of diabetes.

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